Monday, July 31, 2006

July we Fly

What a great month - July ! Although it started off with a lot of lousy weather interspersed with 2 1/2 weeks of jet trips, we (the Cub and me) managed a reasonably respectable 6 hours in the air and made 12 folks happy with Cub rides. That's so much fun ... flying along with the door open, looking down on boaters/golfers/drivers/sunbathers who think they're happy ...

That's the home field - Bayport Aerodrome, on Long Island. There are 2 north-south runways and we're using the one to the west this summer - (the town swaps runways every year to keep from wearing out the grass surface and it works really well - the grass is like a pool table this year).

Bob and I managed a little flying in the Stearman (oops - his B75N-1 - sorry) and had a great day touring the north and south shores. What a nice airplane ... it's older than I am and you could eat off any part of it, it's that clean.

This past weekend, the last in July, we hopped out to Lou's grass strip out east of here for an EAA gathering ... more fun ... I was on downwind with a Tiger Moth, an English Auster, a motorglider, a couple of skydivers and a jump plane ... if it sounds complicated it wasn't, really ... just a great time and everybody looking out for each other. Nobody doing anything stupid at all, except I ate maybe one too many hot dogs ..

So that was July and next comes August and I just can't wait.

Fly safe ....