Sunday, January 21, 2007

Why there is a January

Number one reason there is a January is that Fred and Bill had to have a month for the Cub rebuild project. Not that they'll be finished by the end of the month, but it gives them time to get so deep into the thing that they have to finish it. No backing out now.

Number two reason for having a January is so Bob can protest that he is NOT going to Florida this year. I saw him today, and he denied emphatically that he would be going to Florida this year. Too many old people there. They don't know how to drive. (Most of them came from New York).

Bill and Stuart don't care about January. They have closed cabin airplanes. Bill even has toe brakes. Steve says he doesn't care. He has a closed cabin airplane, too, but he has heel brakes and they work.

I have a good reason for January - it's for doing all the stuff you don't want to do when the weather is good enough for flying. Now, if I could only get past the temperature in the hangar. It's cold.