Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dope(s) and Fabric

First on this month's list is Bill's new-old Comanche! Hot diggety! We flew together one day last week and enjoyed it a lot. This is a great machine! Bill has plans for paint and some other goodies which will make it even better. Congratulations!

Bill and Stu picked the best day in a couple of weeks to fly from Fla to New York. At 7,500 feet most of the way the air was smooth as glass.

Bill, Stu and Gino ready to launch the Comanche for the trip to New York.

Next, I signed up for a refresher course in fabric covering at Orlando (where all the snowbirds like to go in February) and it was COLD and WET the first day - like to have frozen in that unheated hangar on Saturday ... it was a little warmer on Sunday. The turnout was good (16 for the fabric workshop) and we got some very good hands-on instruction. Bob's hangar was a great place to learn too, but my last and only lesson was several years ago and I forget stuff like ribstitching and tapes and things like that.

The workshops are put on by EAA through ... the courses are varied and many and taught by excellent instructors.

I finally got the Bonanza in a hangar at CLW and will have some fun fixing the space up the way I want it.

Fly safe!