Sunday, January 25, 2009

January 2009 - Time do fly!

It doesn't seem like a year since I found the Bonanza out in Arizona, but that's exactly how long it's been ... Since, we've flown to New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, New York, Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Kentucky and fuel stops in between. What a great bird! I've added a few goodies to the panel (Garmin 430 WAAS, a new PS Engineering audio panel and intercom) and there may be a new interior on the horizon. The main reason I bought her was to run back and forth between Florida and North Carolina after I retired ....

Which happened on September 1, 2008. After 28 years of flying on someone else's schedule, I'm on my own time. Maybe it sounds funny but I'm turning out to be a day/VFR pilot at heart. I sure did love the jets (Cessna CitationJet, Falcons 20 and 50, Gulfstreams 2-3-4 and 5), but the Bonanza and the Champ are just what I wanted at this stage of life.
Above are the flags of the countries I visited over my career. 

When I was a kid growing up on the family farm, I listened to short wave radio quite a bit, heard a lot of foreign languages and music, and pored over my books to find where these faraway places were. I got to see more than I ever dreamed I'd see. Nowadays, whether it's low and slow in the Champ or a little higher and faster in the Bonanza, the landscape of the United States has all the magic I thought I'd have to travel the world to see.

I hope we cross paths one of these days.

Fly safely