Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Forwarrrrrd .... March

In case you're wondering, March is a good time to look out the window for any apparent (or wishful) sign of decent flying weather if you live or work anywhere north of the Mason-Dixon line. People Down South have no need for such ... they (we, when I'm There) simply open the hangar doors and let the sweet air of an impending spring freshen the airplane(s) and workbenches ... lawn chairs are best aired out when placed in the open doors, preferably occupied.

Up yonder (north), the yankees are still grumbling about the lousy weather, snow, slush, ice, and so on. They make excuses for going to the airport and the best excuse I know of is covering a Stearman wing. Bob is the master, usually gets things pretty well along before anybody notices and offers to help. One of Bob's pet peeves is all the "help" he gets, but he also likes it that we want to learn from him.

Learning rib-stitching is a big part of the process of covering a wing. Once you get the knots down, it goes pretty well. I'm all thumbs ... Bob watches over Bob2's shoulder and somehow restrains himself from jumping in to do it right ...

... but eventually, he has a whole group stitching and threading and tying knots (correctly) and he can throttle us on from a supervisory position ...

The Cub, meanwhile, has the new prop in place and since the cowlings are off Mike and I decided to go ahead and get the inspections items out of the way for the annual which is due next month. The engine runs smooth as can be with the new prop and without the coke buildup on the valve seats (thanks to Russ for cleaning that off) ...

April is a month made for flying and I'm ready ...

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Why there is a February.

February starts with an "F", and that stands for Florida ... which is where I spent the month, away from the snow and cold that seems to be what everybody on Long Island looks forward to and loves to complain about when it finally happens. "Oh, I love the seasons" is what I hear a lot. That's a load of crap. If they had said "Oh, I love summer" or even spring or fall, I'd understand, but they can have winter, even if they do love it in, say, August.

February is when the hanger is coldest and when I feel really guilty about pirating heat from my neighbor, Bob, even though he offers so I tend to stay on his side of the wall and soak up his heat along with him.

February is when we spend an awful lot of time hangar flying and very little time actually commiting lift, assuming the hangar is warm. If the hangar isn't warm, we spend very little time hangar flying and a disporportionate amount of time at lunch.

February is a time for making lists of things to do in March or April before the annual is due. Woe be he or her who has an annual due in June, July, August or September because it takes about forever to have the work done and signed off. There's flying going on then.

February isn't very good for cooking on the grills. The fire freezes before it gets to the grillee and makes for lousy eating.

Not that I completely disown February. February I don't have to mow the lawn. February the hedges don't need cutting. February the spider mites don't eat my dwarf Alberta Spruces that line the back yard. Other than that, February is pretty much a write-off.

February gets an "F", and that stands for Florida.