Monday, October 17, 2016

It's October, 2016, and Here's the Latest on the CallAir Cadet

The frost hasn't quite made it to the pumpkin patch this third year of the CallAir restoration, but Malcolm and crew from Southern Aircraft Support in Zellwood FL are just about to organize a bumper crop of parts into a real live airplane!
 The engine has been installed and the sheet metal guru has formed and fitted the new cowlings - all that's needed are fasteners, prep work and paint.

The new 7.00x6 tires are mounted and ready. I had 6.00x6s on before and decided that I couldn't always count on nice smooth grass runways like Zellwood. That extra bit of diameter could make a difference in the real world of chuckholes and moguls.
Here's a look at the left wing, all painted up in its Federal Yellow color coat. Mr. Call liked yellow airplanes - they're easier to see in the air and easier to find when they're not.
 All in all, good progress. It won't be ready in time for the fall fly-in at Zellwood on the 29th but, as Malcolm says, it's getting closer.

Fall's colors are rapidly developing in the NC mountains - a perfect time for flying in my part of the world.
A reminder of my former life