Thursday, September 25, 2014

Meanwhile, back at the airport ...

... it's a wonderful weld ...

Front and rear brackets and bracing for the Cleveland brake setup

Malcolm and my new best friend, the welder, turned focus on the CallAir airframe last weekend. The result is that the reinforcing brackets, brake platforms and other spots here and there that needed attention were masterfully installed and the fuselage is now ready for blasting and primer. This puts us more firmly on track for an April Fool's Day, 2015, rollout.

Malcolm applying the first fabric blanket ... this is when it gets exciting

On another front, Mal has been taping and prepping the wings for cover and has started the covering on one of the wings. There is no shortage of volunteers waiting to learn this valuable skill so I expect the shop will have a goodly share of visitors and onlookers in the weeks ahead.

Wing panel #1 and the old fabric standing by for reference

In the real world there are fly-ins to attend and the Woody's Pusher is ready and raring to go. Just this weekend, the Flying FOOLZ (Florida Order Of Lightplane Zealots) hosts their fall fly-in breakfast at the Flying W Air ranch at Bushnell FL. With over 3,100 feet of nice soft grass on the runway there's plenty of airplane parking and plenty of room for eating and visiting. It's a great group of people. Report to follow.