Saturday, March 12, 2011


I met Ralph Bishop over 30 years ago at the little airport in my home town of Hendersonville NC. Ralph is an A&P, IA, and knows more about steel tube, wood and fabric airplanes and old engines than just about anybody I know. He got a special award in December, The Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award for 50 years of violation-free service as an airplane mechanic.
Ralph and a copy of his award

He got to thinking about it and December 9, 2010, was 60 years to the day that he joined the Air Force, so it has a double significance for him. Ralph is a pilot and flight instructor, too, but his heart is in the innards of flying machines.

If you happen to have an old airplane and need some help as you pass by western North Carolina, give Ralph a call. He's in the book.

Congratulations, old friend.