Monday, March 25, 2013

So Long, Mr. Cub!

Hank, I sold the Cub you rebuilt after 2 years of easy, fun ownership. I did a few things to it; replaced the gascolator with a new Steve’s gascolator, replaced the old fuel shutoff valve with a new one after the old one began to leak, replaced a tube on one of the main landing gear tires, replaced the instrument panel with an authentic 1941 panel and three or four of the gauges with new ones, installed a new Sensenich wood prop, replaced the front seat canvas seat sling, broke in the engine properly and changed its oil regularly and generally kept the airplane hangared, clean and maintained during my tenure as its custodian. There were some other things but I don’t remember them right offhand – the airplane and engine never gave me a moment’s worry and even though it’s time to turn to other projects, I’m having to work a little to put this Cub out of my mind.

When Brad and I first talked I could tell he was going to be a good Cub Owner and, later on, when I met Jim, his Dad, over the phone I knew why. We kept in touch over a couple of months and when the time came to hand it over, Bill and Casey flew down to Florida with Charlie and I had to say goodbye to a good friend.

I told you all of this when I saw you last weekend, when I brought you the oil tank for a Continental engine after the Back Achers Fly-In. I know you said at the age of 91 you might be ready to get away from aviation … but I thought you’d like to see Bill and Casey waving goodbye as they left Bob White Field for South Carolina. Bill owned a Cub before and was right at home in it.

Good airplanes leave you with good memories, and this one was a good one. You did a good job on it.

Thanks, Hank …                        Happy Landings, Brad, Jim, Charlie, Bill and Casey ...



Sunday, March 17, 2013

FSAACA Back Achers Fly-In 3-16-2013

Never a dull moment in Central Florida when FSAACA Flyers come to town (or country)

BACK ACRES 3-2013 028[1]

Our gracious hosts, the Fambroughs, open up their airfield and hangar, lay on a barbecue feast, and provide what can only be described as a perfect day for their FSAACA friends.

Back Achers 001 BACK ACRES 3-2013 012[1]

… and fly in we did:

BACK ACRES 3-2013 001[1] BACK ACRES 3-2013 003[1]

Airplanes of all shapes, sizes and pedigrees:

BACK ACRES 3-2013 004[1] BACK ACRES 3-2013 005[1]

BACK ACRES 3-2013 006[1] BACK ACRES 3-2013 008[1]

BACK ACRES 3-2013 009[1] BACK ACRES 3-2013 010[1]

It’s pretty easy to see that we’re a Cub/Champ/Stinson/Luscombe/etc bunch of people

BACK ACRES 3-2013 023[1] BACK ACRES 3-2013 026[1]

Even an occasional Swift …

As always, it’s the great people who make our FSAACA Fly-Ins what they are, whether we’ve met before or not …

Back Achers 004 BACK ACRES 3-2013 013[1]

BACK ACRES 3-2013 015[1] BACK ACRES 3-2013 017[1]

**Thanks to Florida Cub Flyer David for his pictures**

Next month, FSAACA will take a month off for the Sun-n-Fun Fly-In (April 9-14) at Lakeland

Our May Fly-In will be the 18th & 19th hosted by Jim and Pat Connell’s Wahoo Air Ranch (25FL).

Be There!