Thursday, August 25, 2016

Progress on the CallAir Cadet - August 2016

What a handsome sight! The rebuilt instruments have been mounted in the CallAir Cadet and the panel installed. You might wonder at the vacant space on the right side - it leaves a sightline for a modern GPS.

Looking at the installation from a further perspective, the controls for fuel shutoff, mixture, and cabin heat are grouped on the lower left side so either the front seat pilot or a rear seat instructor can operate them

 Firewall penetrations have been mapped and made.

The airplane is as close to new as a Cadet can be made.

Landing gear legs were once covered but Malcolm felt they needed to be re-done and those are in silver now, awaiting the base coat of white, then yellow. At that point they can be mounted to the fuselage and we will be "on the gear".

One more step on the way.

Go Fly. Fly Safe.