Tuesday, January 12, 2016

January 2016 - Callair progress

It's Christmas in January! Malcolm sent pictures of more work on the Callair Cadet! As he wrote in his cover note, it's beginning to look more like an airplane.
It's really happening! The fuselage hardware (cables, pulleys, fairleads, etc) are in place and  fabric is going on. In the time between these pictures and this posting, the Polystuff, tapes, etc are going on ...

I can't tell you how encouraging this is ... 

There's a lot of work represented here ... and a lot to come if we're to have this airplane in the air soon. Metal work, plastic work, instruments (overhauled 2 years ago) and engine (overhauled 4 years ago) installations ... I have my fingers crossed and Malcolm is on it.

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