Saturday, January 25, 2014

Once More, Dear Friends, Into the Breach!!

The past two months have been well spent, inspecting the Woody's Pusher from stem to stern, inside and out, re-assembling, testing, fixing, replacing, doing what had to be done and after all that it was finally time to take to the air.

No Pusher would be complete without Woody!

The intrepid aviator, suitably decked out for a 53 degree morning flight to Bushnell for breakfast. It's 35 miles and I decided to go ahead despite the chill. 

Woody in the hangar ... that's quite a climb to refuel from five gallon cans so I've ordered a fuel transfer pump and will rig that in the coming week or so.

Woody on the ramp in Iowa before I bought it. Denny decided he wanted an Ercoupe and with winter coming on it was a good time to make the move. 

On the way to Bushnell ... thanks to Spencer for the great in-flight shot!

And another for good measure!

All in all, a grand day for flying, and a grand day to flex the Woody's wings. My test flying is in full swing and the results so far are exactly what I was looking for in a fun flyer. In fact, when Harris L. Woods showed his design to Paul Poberezny of EAA, Paul dubbed it the "Fun Airplane", though the name that stuck was "Woody's Pusher".