Monday, October 13, 2008

October in the Mountains

This is a view of my home field, looking down runways 15 (there are three!).
The paved runway on the left is, in reality, the left side of the airport runway. Half is paved, half is nice, smooth sod. Further to the right is Johnson field, privately owned, and used by the members of the Western North Carolina Air Museum. It's an interesting arrangement. I've been in the pattern with skydivers (not many of those around here anymore), ultralights, business twins and antiques, all using the runways more or less simultaneously.

Flying around the mountains reveal lots of beautiful scenery, especially this time of year ... and a few sights that are decidedly seasonal. This is a hillbilly corn maze next to a pumpkin patch and petting zoo ... the lot looks pretty full - I guess they're doing OK.
This is my corner of the museum's long hangar at Hendersonville ... I like it here.

The company is pretty good ... all ragwings and all but one a taildragger - the Ercoupe down the way is the only exception. All the guys are great and we take turns closing up at the end of a day of flying ...

More pictures to come ...