Friday, November 30, 2007

A November to Remember

First of all, November is a month filled with change - the weather turns crisp and cool, leaves fall, winds blow, all that stuff. After a very late Indian Summer, November fulfilled all it's job descriptions and the hangar doors at Bayport Aerodrome are mostly closed for the winter.

The Cub came out, took a peek, and flew, but I noticed a little roughness (again) that felt very similar to the out-of-balance prop thing I had last year at this same time. Stu took it out last weekend and said he felt the same thing, decided not to fly it until we have a chance to do some investigation. Mike and I will pull the prop this weekend and see if re-mounting it 180 degrees from where the blades are now will do the trick. If not, I think it might be moisture somehow getting into the wood when the weather changes. The next trick will be to pull the prop and lay it out at the house and see if the dry heat in the house will dry the prop and restore it to balance. This is puzzling to say the least - not to mention annoying because I like to fly the Cub in the winter when I can see a million miles and the air is fat with lift.

Thanksgiving is for giving thanks, and I did that this year in Honolulu - the double rainbow on our arrival was a good sign. Jets are neat, but they have the tailwheel on the wrong end. On top of that, they even have toe brakes. I wish I had taken the camera to Dillingham Field, on the northwest shore of Oahu. There, a fellow was giving rides in a weight-shift LSA across from the glider line and at the other end of the field from the sky divers. In the Fightertown hangar, there's a C-45 undergoing a long and detailed restoration. If you get to Hawaii, or more specifically Honolulu , rent a car and take the drive to Dillingham.

When the calendar ticks over to December I'll be over the Pacific, on my way back to home and hearth and to Bayport Aerodrome.

Fly Safely!