Sunday, February 17, 2013

FSAACA Fly-Ins, 2013

I have seen the light. After years of exploring far reaching climes, I’ve come around to a fact I knew long ago: Florida is flying country. The reasons are many and varied, but chief among them is the weather accommodates flying all year round. The weather also alleviates aches and pains and there are a lot of folks with whom to compare those aches and pains, so that makes it doubly fun. Among those folks, some of whom are of a certain age, you can find former airline pilots, mechanics, machinists, farmers, and others who made their living making things work, so if you happen to find a gathering where multiple talents compliment your particular area of interest, you’re triply blessed.

I’ve just moved my airplanes from my original home town (as in place of birth on most government forms) to my adopted home area of Central Florida (from age 10) and my adopted home town of Tangerine, which as it happens was where my wife grew up. Actually the airplanes reside for now at Zellwood, which is right next door. Bob White Field is wide and long and covered with grass – and my airplanes and I like that a lot. The tenants at the airport are people who made their living making things work and who now enjoy flying far afield to sample cuisine that is best described as “good” at little airports that are mostly within striking distance in a day’s flying, there and back.

Enter FSAACA, The Florida Sport Aviation Antique and Classic Association and their schedule of flying events. I missed New Smyrna this year but went to Bushnell for a gathering and Twelve Oaks this weekend … I’m hoping to make all the fly-ins this year and plan to post videos or something from each one. Wish me luck. Here are looks at what I have so far:


More coming when available …