Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May 2013

May can be one of those “maybe” months … “Maybe the weather will be good, “Maybe” not. Probably will, most of the time, especially when it comes time for Jim and Pat Connell’s Wahoo Air Ranch Fly In. The Chief Pilot likes to come here for the cheese grits (with a touch of garlic – a first for me, and goooood), eggs, local sausage, blueberry pancakes (the blueberries were in season), fresh fruit, coffee by the gallon, OJ (of course) and great people and great airplanes. What more could you ask?

How about barbecue for lunch? OK, got it, had it and it was fantastic! (I’m a sucker for barbecue.)

I flew the World’s Ugliest Airplane over at 1500 feet (tops) and plunked down amid 30-40 fellow aeronauts on a beautiful Saturday morning.
Wahoo Fly In 1
As the day went on, there were a lot more airplanes but this gives you an idea. Jim and Pat have a lot of available space for aircraft parking and even more space for campers, motor homes and flying tent-pitchers. One of these days I have to try doing this again. The last time was at Sun-n-Fun when Captain John was a very young teenager and I promised myself I’d always remember how hard the ground got after I reached adulthood.

The first fellow I met was “Ozzie” Osborn - a World War II glider pilot … still doing well and with a lot of stories to tell. He flew both American and British gliders and described their size and different flying characteristics in great detail.

And the airplanes! Two WACOs:
Wahoo WACO 2 Wahoo WACO
Two more biplanes, one old (Stearman) and one newer (Pitts):
Wahoo Stearman Wahoo Fly In Pitts
How I wish I’d gotten more pictures to pass along to you. The Flying FOOLZ have posted their great pictures and you can see them for yourself at: