Sunday, August 24, 2008

August with Gusto!

Pictures by our talented member, Fred Miller, from the great Bayport Aerodrome neighborhood picnic held on August 10th. What a terrific month! First, the picnic, then the Antique Airplane Club of Greater New York fly-in, from the 22nd to the 24th! The weather even cooperated! If you missed these, you missed some serious aviation fun.

Here with his permission is a link to Fred's picnic pictures:

The report from the AACGNY fly-in is in and it was a rousing success! A highlight for everyone is this incomparable OX powered Pheasant:

...And this pink L-type Aeronca, owned by a visiting lady pilot, as viewed by Fred through the flying and landing wires of Bill's 1930 Bird Model A:

The incomparable view of Bayport Aerodrome while on final approach ... Bill did a nice, slight forward slip to the left to give Fred this next great shot:

And, finally, a wonderful air-to-air picture of Stuart and Tim in Tim's Tiger Moth ... Stu and friends are in the process of restoring and assembling Tiger Moth parts and will hopefully have Bayport's third Tiger Moth in the air one of these days:

For more of Fred's pictures, including his terrific work with the American Airpower Museum and the Cradle of Aviation Museum, select his albums from his web site:

Fred's photographs are available for purchase and we encourage you to buy from him to support his work as he continues to record Long Island's exceptional aviation history.

Happy Landings!