Sunday, October 21, 2007

An uber October

Only one picture this time around but that's because I was having too much participatory fun (flying can be a spectator sport, but it's much more satisfying when you're actually doing it, if you know what I mean). Mike is getting the hang of flying the Cub and will be a taildragger before long ...

I was at Bayport yesterday and there was no one else there! I couldn't believe it. It was the first day after a cold front moved through and it was a bit breezy, but the temps were in the 70s and it was a fabulous day! I hauled the Cub out in the sunshine and decided to wash it before the weather turns ....

Now it's Sunday and if you weren't at Bayport today, you missed a beautiful day of flying. Stu and I went up after I washed the Cub (the Auster couldn’t fly – broken tail brace bracket - and I HAD to dry off my airplane), John Bianco and Bill J flew John’s Champ (we gave them 2’s and 3’s for their first landing [Bill gave us one back], turned our backs on them after the second) , Bob and Andre in the 152, Ed flew his Bird, Timmy came out in the Tiger Moth, Vladimir taxied out and ran up the Fairchild, then as I was leaving Stu and Bill S were taking off in Bill’s Cub. All in all a very good day. Bill C had to work, a concept not particularly foreign but at times inconvenient to him. Temps in the mid 70s – probably the last day this year that I’ll be able to hang out at the airport in shorts.

I wrote to Rick that I'd heard about his Cub but hadn't seen it yet (he just got it and keeps it at an airport with those nasty paved runways). Bob F says that there are three things a tailwheel airplane - meaning his Stearman, mostly - doesn't like: Paved runways, crosswinds and student pilots. Maybe when I get back from my monthly visit home to Florida we'll have a chance to test the meteorological conditions ... and I'd like to have a wingman. The Cub likes to fly with other yellow airplanes on its wing.

'Til next time. Fly safe.