Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Home Again At Last

I've written before about the Western North Carolina Air Museum and its turf runway. That's home for me and the CallAir. 


We took a little hiatus of about 4 1/2 years, partly because I didn't want to pay hangar rent in two places and partly because I had decided to re-do the airplane at a shop close to what passed for home at the time. Then we did what people do, sold the house in Florida and moved lock, stock and barrel to North Carolina, leaving the airplane to be finished. And I waited. And I waited. For another year and a half. 

3NR3 - Transylvania
When the CallAir and I finally made it home, I found a hangar at the Transylvania Community Airport near Brevard NC ... a nice place - good people, nice hangars. The trees at the ends of the runway made life interesting, though they could be dodged. I had no complaints other than it was a long way from home and the runway is paved. Taildraggers don't like (1) Student Pilots, (2) Crosswinds or (3) Paved Runways, but chasing deer down the runway on takeoff or landing is fun.

8NC9 (grass runway at left) and 0A7 (Hendersonville, paved at right)

Enough of that ... when Leland said my former hangar at the Museum was coming open, I was overjoyed. So now we've come full circle - I'm back in my comfort zone and am really glad to have a former Air Force and American Airlines pilot and his RV-8 as hangar mates. 

Here's to many hours of spontaneous lethargy, tall tales and fun flying. Y'all come!