Sunday, May 06, 2007

We're Flying! We're Flying!

Just me and Bill and the Cub, doing our thing.

There is nothing, simply nothing that is quite as much worth doing as messing around in a Cub.

...and on a nice spring day on Long Island, there is no place worth doing it more than off our little grass runways at Bayport. The gang was out in force today, it was meeting day for the Bayport Aerodrome Society, and everyone was in a fine frame of mind.

It's at this time of year that the phone starts ringing, people asking about tours of the hangars and airplane rides, picnic spots by the runways and so on. We have a great bunch that take the visitors around and show off the airplanes ... 24 hangars filled with treasure. One of these days I'll post pictures of what we have there ... or you can go to the official web site to dig around for yourself ...

Tiz time to fly and time's a wastin' ...

Happy Landings!